Can I edit the form templates?

Can I edit the form templates?

Yes - All form templates are fully editable via the Form Builder. You can add, edit, clone and delete fields.

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      This video will show you how to edit the new Covid-19 appointment guidance section on the form templates. To update your form templates to the new appointment guidance section you will need to go to the Form Manager, then click ‘Add Template’. Please ...
    • What is a ‘Form Template’?

      When you create an account you can select from any of our ready to use Form Templates, or you can create your own form templates via our easy to use form builder. You can add as many form templates as you like.
    • What form templates do you offer?

      ONLINE FORMS To view all of our Beauty Forms online form templates please go to our website: Aromatherapy Consent/Consultation Form Beauty Appointment Request Form Beauty Covid-19 Client Form Beauty ...
    • How do I add form templates to my account?

      To add form templates to your Beauty Forms account please follow these steps: 1) Log in to your Beauty Forms account 2) Click on 'Form Manager' 3) Click on 'Add Template' 4) Select all the form templates you would like to add       (Please note: You ...
    • What is a ‘Form Field’?

      A form field is any field that is on a form template. For example, a text field, date field, time field, text area, picklist, check box, radio button, photo, image, signature are all form fields.