Download Submitted Forms

Download Submitted Forms

Once you have received a submitted form it will be stored on your Beauty Forms account. You can also download a copy of the form for your records.

You can download a PDF, which will then allow you to print or save the document to your device. You can also download a csv which will allow you to import client/employee information to your own database/system.

To download a submitted form please Log in to your Beauty Forms account / Then go to Submitted Forms / Then click on the cog next to the form you want to download / Click on 'Download csv' or 'Download PDF'.

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    • Can I download my forms as a PDF?

      Yes - Once submitted, forms can be downloaded as a PDF. ​​
    • What is the difference between a standard PDF and editable PDF template?

      Our standard PDF templates are free to download and have our logo on the forms. If you purchase our editable PDF templates you will receive a word document version of the form as well as the PDF version so you can add your own logo and edit the form ...
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