How to download a batch csv

How to download a batch csv

You can download a batch csv if you need to view clients' data in one place, or if you want to export the data to your CRM or booking system, for example.

To download a batch csv please watch the video and follow the steps below.

1. Click on Submitted Forms
2. Click on ‘Batch CSV’
3. Enter a ‘from’ date and a ‘to’ date for the period you want to generate a csv for
4. Select the form
5. Click on ‘Export’ - The file should download automatically to your PC/Desktop
6. Go to a new spreadsheet
7. Import the downloaded file
8. Retrieve the client’s details
9. If you need to export more than one form type, you can simply open a new spreadsheet or add in a new sheet to the same spreadsheet and follow steps 1-8 again

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