What is an ‘Admin User’?

What is an ‘Admin User’?

Each account has 1 main Administrator account that has access to all aspects of the online portal. If you need additional administrator accounts these can be purchased for $60.00 per annum.
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    • Add admin users to your account

      With our new feature you can add additional admin users to your account. This is helpful if you would like to provide access to the account for your staff members or colleagues. To add an admin user you will need to go to My Account > Users > Then ...
    • Where is my data stored once submitted?

      Data is stored on Amazon AWS servers located in your local AWS Region.
    • Is my data secure?

      All form data is encrypted during transmission and at rest, and is stored on AWS servers – some of the most secure data facilities in the world.
    • What if I run out of Storage?

      If you start to get low on storage then we will email you to let you know. You can then purchase additional storage via your account, or you can free up space by downloading older submitted forms and then deleting them from the portal.
    • Is there a limit to how many forms I can create?

      No - You can create as many forms as you like.